What’s The Future Of Your Technology Capabilities?

Experts estimate that only 1 in 4 leads turn into sales, so “this means your sales process needs to be able to identify those leads quickly and accurately,” writes Gilles Muys in Forbes magazine. This is only one of the reasons to invest in cloud capabilities for your business—so you can better serve your prospective customers. Read the rest of his article, “What’s the Future of Your Technology Capabilities?” for more insight as to why it’s clear: cloud technology is here to stay.

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Inera Turns to Solver for a More Accurate and Efficient Way of Budgeting IT Costs

Check out this customer success story to learn why Inera regards Solver as the perfect long-term solution to their key business challenges. Inera adopted Solver’s planning software to more accurately and efficiently budget and forecast its IT services to a vast amount of Swedish healthcare clients.

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Azure Migration Program Customer

Cost concerns for migrating to the cloud? @Azure Hybrid Benefit, Azure Credits, partner funding and free extended security updates for Windows Server will help offset migration costs. Plus, there are free #Azure migration tools to assess and migrate workloads. What are you waiting for? Connect with UniverseIT for assistance.