A Company’s Journey Towards More Efficient Budgeting and Reporting

When Happy Socks sought to streamline budgeting and reporting processes, the fast-growing clothing company turned to @SolverGlobal. Read this success story to learn from the experience of Happy Socks, which chose Solver after evaluating a number of other #CPM tools. Discover how Solver software helps Happy Socks streamline financial processes and make better use of valuable resources across roles and functions. Learn how #CPM software can optimize your business resources and save time spent on manual-intensive tasks. Contact experts at UniverseIT to get started with Solver. #corporateperformancemanagement

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Happy Socks, a rapidly growing Swedish clothing company, sought a more effective budgeting and reporting tool to minimize the risk of human error across financial processes.

By implementing Solver Planning software, Happy Socks could reallocate valuable resources and personnel formerly used for manual-heavy tasks, and cut down on time spent consolidating and cross-referencing financial data.

As a provider of Solver Planning, UniverseIT can help maximize efficiency across your business while streamlining budgeting and financial reporting processes. Learn more.

View: A Company’s Journey Towards More Efficient Budgeting and Reporting

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