The Cybercrime Gig Economy: A Closer Look at Ransomware as a Service

RaaS is a growing threat in the cybercrime gig economy. Where does protecting your organization from it fall on your list of priorities? Read the blog for insight on this continuously evolving ecosystem. Comment to let us know how the experts at UniverseIT can help you stay ahead of RaaS threats.

Understanding Microsoft Datacenter Security: A Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft Datacenter Security Guide

When datacenters that power cloud offerings focus on high reliability, operational excellence, cost-effectiveness, environmental sustainability and a trustworthy online experience for customers and partners, they win the security game. How can UniverseIT help your organization win? The most highly regulated organizations in the world trust Microsoft cloud because they are always one step ahead of security threats. Read the blog and contact a UniverseIT @Microsoft Security expert for next steps.

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New Zealand Adopts a Cloud-Based Identity Solution for its 4.9 Million Residents

New Zealand adopts cloud based identity

Is your cloud solution delivering a comprehensive suite of solutions and helping you accelerate your digital transformation initiatives? Yes? No? If no, it’s time to leverage decades of @Microsoft’s enterprise operating system and onsite data center expertise. Read what happened when the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs moved to Microsoft Azure.