A Quick-Start Guide for Improving Supply Chain Resilience

Global supply chains are seeing a significant increase in disruptions. What are your supply chain pain points? What strategies and technology are available to help you improve visibility across supply chains so you can respond faster to problems and mitigate risk? This quick-start guide gives you an at-a-glance of common problems and solutions to address them — including Microsoft Dynamics 365.


Hacker Hunting and Built-in Protections with Microsoft Azure

What’s the best way to prevent attacks on your data? Share your tips in the comments.

Looking to modernize your data protection approach? UniverseIT recommends Microsoft Azure for its built-in security features.

This video shows how Azure stops hackers in their tracks. Watch it to see how Azure anticipates and resolves threats with future proof tools built for the cloud.

Contact us to discuss how the team at UniverseIT can get you started using Azure’s robust suite of data storage and security tools.

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Product Information Management

Product information management (PIM) is a critical enabler that supports product content and master data management. Which of these benefits matter most to your business?

👏Faster time to market
👏 Positive customer experiences
👏 Improved product quality
🤔 All of the above?

The datasheet highlights the features in a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management PIM that deliver all this and more. Get in touch to discuss how UniverseIT can get you started.


Ransomware by Industry Image

What 3 industries are hit hardest by ransomware? Comment if you think you know Check back next week for answers and insight 💡 on other ransomware-related questions, like: “What specific types of companies do hackers avoid attacking?”

Predicting ransomware trends is hard. Your best option is investing in the right security tools and solutions. UniverseIT recommends Microsoft Azure for its built-in cloud security. Get in touch to learn more.

Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters

What is the best way to make reliable datacenters and manage IT infrastructure across the cloud?

Watch “Building the world’s computer with Microsoft Datacenters” and “like” if you like what Microsoft delivers in the cloud.

Comment if you’d like help from UniverseIT making the most of Microsoft cloud.  

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Inside a Microsoft Datacenter

What is a Microsoft datacenter and how does it work at scale? Check out “Inside a Microsoft datacenter” for insight on how datacenters power the Microsoft cloud. Comment to tell us how UniverseIT can help you gain scalability and flexibility by moving to the Microsoft cloud. #MicrosoftAzure #cloudsecurity