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Free CRM Strategy Session

During this customized consultation, we'll dive into your specific business requirements and goals. We'll chat about your existing sales and marketing strategies, pinpoint any challenges, and discover how CRM can simplify your operations while increasing your profits. Together, let's develop a tailored plan to execute a successful CRM approach that aligns with your business objectives.

CRM Lifesaver

Need to get up and running ASAP? We will give you the jumpstart you need with: Help you define your sales, service, or marketing business process(s) Translate to CRM Configure/customize and setup your business process in your CRM Recorded training sessions, how to guides and data dictionary Execute your business process in CRM in 2-4 weeks

CRM Admin in a Can

Crawl, walk, run. We can get you to your end goal over time with continuous business delivery at a flat monthly rate.
*Based on the number of users

  • Weekly consultation to help you CRM your project/organization
  • Ongoing business process changes and development
  • Ongoing reporting
  • Sales, marketing, service coaching
  • Helping you to become an expert in CRM


"Our Go-To"
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"UIT was extremely helpful in helping our small business start learning how to use our CRM. They're very responsive and were able to complete the updates we needed quickly. They will be our go-to when we need help in the future. Thanks, UIT/CRM Chief!"

Katie M. - Digital Marketer
"Exactly what we needed"
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"The UIT team was indispensable in moving us to the next level of marketing. Prior to engaging with them, we had an inchoate plan, a disorganized CRM database, and no long-term direction. UIT's CRM skills, familiarity with available tools, and marketing acumen were exactly what we needed."

Keith F. - Marketing Director


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