Solver for Nonprofit Organizations

For most nonprofits, creating a reliable long-term budget can be time-consuming and frustrating. Fortunately, UniverseIT has a solution for the Budget Time blues. Read the white paper Solver for Nonprofit Organizations for details on how Solver's easy-to-use, robust information tools can save time, control costs, and measure your results like never before. Then, contact UniverseITand get started on the road to more reliable and predictable budgets.

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Because of many unique reporting and documentation requirements, budgeting for Nonprofit Organizations can lead to difficulties predicting revenues. Budgeting can require more detailed information than other types of organizations and budgets/actuals can be tracked for multiple years.
Solver provides a single, cloud-based solution that automates reporting and planning processes and supports faster, better decisions based on key information from across data sources.
Read the white paper to learn how Solver software solutions can drive faster, better decisions for your nonprofit.

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