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CIO/CTO Services

What is a CIO/CTO?

Both the CIO and CTO are business leaders whose primary objective is to provide technology leadership for an organization in concert with other C-level executives. They are responsible for evaluating the current infrastructure and processes and improving those solutions whenever necessary. They must always be on the lookout for new, innovative technologies that can help accomplish the organization’s primary objectives, meet its goals, and reach the desired endpoint.

Many small organizations might only have one executive performing both roles. In this case, they are more likely to have the CTO title than CIO.
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CIO vs CTO – What’s the difference?


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Joe Eldridge

President and CEO
(214) 295-2672

Joe is a 19-year Microsoft veteran and has a 30-year wealth of technology experience. He formerly directed numerous organizations at Microsoft, is a certified Scrum master, and has led numerous large projects to success, including the 6-month BizTalk implementation for Ford Motor Co. His technical acumen, abounding charisma, and masterful leadership propel our organization, and yours, to success.

CIO CTO Services
Lack Of Efficiency

If the current solutions are not meeting the needs of the organization. If they are not assisting, or especially when they are prohibiting, the organization from reaching its goals.

Solution Architecture

Organizations need a technology officer who can design a long-term, future-ready solution, as well as the tools and processes that will be used before, during, and after the solution is implemented.

It's Not Getting Done

Ideas have been thrown around. Strategies have been implemented… and subsequently abandoned. Many times. The fact of the matter is that it’s just not getting done.

Change Management

During times of change, a technology officer can prepare, equip, and support individuals, teams, and organizations and help guide them through a period of change.

When You Don't Have The Answer

No one has an answer to every problem. It’s OK to admit that– really! The sooner one can accept that they need some help, the sooner their business can start on a path towards success.

Engagements aren't one-size-fits-all

We offer four unique engagement models to ensure that
you receive the type of attention your organization needs.


Part-Time Engagement; Steady Involvement for a long period of time; Alternative to permanent position; On-Demand


Full-Time Engagement; Heavy touch for short periods of time; Commonly used to fill a gap during periods of change or transition.


Guides new hires and helps them settle into the position and understand the roles and responsibilities; Can also mentor a current IT resource to transform them into a permanent. CIO/CTO


Typically used for transitional periods preceding a specific major event or milestone; Sometimes used for major pitch; elevates the expertise on your existing team; staff augmentation.

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What Our Clients
Are Saying

“It's been a great blessing to have UniverseIT handle all our IT needs. Their technical know-how coupled with their excellent customer service is unparalleled.”

Kenneth Omoruyi


“UniverseIT guided the implementation of our Student Information System. We had tried to implement a different SIS on our own with poor results. UniverseIT were truly expert guides. They are what you expect from an IT resource, competent and responsive. But more than that, they are genuinely good folks who care about their customers. They let us know from the beginning that they were there to help us with any of our IT concerns and they have! I would highly recommend them and give them six stars if I could.”

Bob Stephens

The Opened Bible Academy

“We have worked on several projects over the last 3yrs with the team at UniverseIT. Working in marketing, we often need to collaborate with the IT teams to make sure things work together the way they are supposed to. The UniverseIT team has been the most knowledgeable IT team I have worked with. I recommend them to all my clients that need IT/ Business Intelligence solution in place for their business that really work.”

Scott Cole


“UniverseIT did a great job in getting our back office infrastructure up and running and allowed us to focus on our core priorities. When we needed engineering help that wasn’t in there area of expertise, they referred us to a partner that turned out to be an ideal fit. It’s unique to see a company help in this way. They are responsive, supportive and understand how to help you manage your IT cost. Highly recommend them!”

Stephen Chaney


“We are lucky to have UniverseIT as a partner in growing our business! It's such a pleasure working with them. Aside from the quality of service they provide, they offer great solutions for working out customer needs and requirements. We value the inputs they give as well for improving our product. All I can say is we're happy to be working with these guys and we highly recommend being in business with UniverseIT!”

Patricia Esmaquel


“I initially contacted UniverseIT over two years ago to get an idea on the type of services they offer. From that time to a few months ago, I have contacted Joe and met with him on many occasions to get his feedback on my startup company's needs and services that his company provides. What I gather from these meetings is that he is truly looking out for the best interest of my business and IT needs. Furthermore, his staffs are great to work with. These are the reasons why I sign up with Universal IT a few months ago as my IT partner moving forward with my startup business.”

Benito Aguilar

Atilar Pharma

“Joe is the CEO and for such a huge company I can really appreciate that he is still hands on! My company has been a loyal client for over 3 years now!”

Alex Miller

Alex Miller Credit Repair

“Been a customer of UniverseIT for a few years. Amazing customer service. Recommend their services 100%!”

Vicky di Colloredo-Mels