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Looking for BI360?

At the start of this year, BI360 became Solver.
All of the same content and features under a new name.





Solver Reporting makes it easier than ever before to design reports and interact with your data. Design virtually any type of report imaginable and finally get the real insights into your data that you’ve been looking for.

 Multiple Ways to Report!

  • Report directly from your ERP solution live and in real-time! Take a look at some of Solver’s pre-built integrations here
  • Prefer to house everything under one roof? Solver’s got you covered! House all your entities and solutions and report on all your data – everything under one roof with Solver’s data warehouse!
  • Run your reports directly in Excel, in your Solver portal, publish them, or schedule them for delivery 


  • Solver’s reporting solution is provided as an Excel add-in – no need to learn other tools or software
  • Report generation in Excel allows your finance and accounting team to work on a platform they already know
  • Utilize Excel formulas, formatting, and other features alongside Solver reporting functionality to take your reports to the next level 

Clicks, Not Code 

  • No coding required!  
  • Solver’s Excel add-in provides all of the necessary functionality in easy-to-use drag-and-drop menus
  • Easily accessible which allows for users to self-serve ad-hoc reporting  
  • Design time from new report requests to validation and publishing reduced dramatically from typical analytics architectures Dramatically reduce design time for new reports – from request to validation and publishing – compared to other analytics architectures 


There has never been a better time to have a budget.

Solver’s planning module expands your reporting capabilities, and allows your users to store input data, such as budgets, back into the data warehouse.

  • Easily create an unlimited number of scenarios in which to store budgets or other data
  • Compare this data side-by-side with your actuals or operational data
  • Budget against general ledger, subledger, and operational figures
  • Budget at any level of granularity, detail, or time period
  • Automated budget spreading and line-item detail capabilities
  • Built-in Review and Approval workflow engine 

1. Set Budget Parameters

Budget parameters

2. Enter Forecast


3. Review & Comment

Review and comment

4. Forecast Or Compare

forecast or compare


Getting an overview of your data is quick and easy with Solver’s Power BI Integration. Using Power BI’s intuitive, drag-and-drop simplicity, you can customize your data and create dashboards on the fly with pre-defined widgets and modules. 

 Data Modeling made Simple 

  • Removes one of the most difficult steps in utilizing Power BI – building a data model
  • Connects directly to the Solver data warehouse and inherits the data structures
  • The same data structure means making dashboards in Power BI uses the same configuration as your data warehouse for simplicity and ease-of-use
  • Connect Power BI to your data warehouse with just a few clicks
  • Embed your dashboards and tiles directly in the Solver reports

Drag, Drop, Done

  • Dashboards are created specifically for business users and do not require advanced levels of technical expertise
  • Users can quickly learn how to build their own custom dashboards using Power BI
  • Drag and drop controls mean there is no coding required. Simply select the data needed and drag and drop the control onto the dashboard 

Insight, not Hindsight

  • Power BI dashboards offer insights into your business that are comprehensive and easy to understand
  • Visualize trends, identify issues, and analyze your data
  • Set up sliders as inputs to your models and simulate cashflow, sales, and more in real time
  • Display your organization’s metrics and KPIs in bold, interactive ways such as charts, scorecards, flow diagrams, maps, and more!

Learn more about Power BI here

No-Coding needed, Fast, Drop & Drag report builder.

Data Warehouse

Curious about Solver’s Data Warehouse? 

  • Cloud and On-Premise Versions
  • Hybrid Cloud Reporting for users of Dynamics GP
  • Bespoke Data Warehouse deploys in days or weeks instead of traditional data warehouse deployments of months to years
  • Combine your financial and operational data
  • Great for multi-entity consolidation
  • Load your data from each of your solutions into one location- create reports as if they were a single solution
  • Easy clicks-not-code data warehouse administration
  • Create and use unlimited reporting trees
  • Configurable to your custom general ledger, business terminology, fiscal periods, currency rules, business rules, and more!

See some of our Pre-Configured Connectors

Microsoft Dynamics AX
SAP Business One
Sage Intacct


What is a data warehouse?

A data warehouse, or DW, is a database in which we store data from multiple solutions side-by-side. In addition, all data entering the warehouse is transformed into a format that is optimized for reporting. For more detail on what a data warehouse is and what it allows us to do, please check out [link to article] this article.

What happened to BI360?

BI360 simply rebranded the product suite to match the company name. BI360 is now Solver, and has all of the same features and value, just under a new name.

What is a fact or fact table in data structures?

A fact is a value or measurement that represents a meaningful data point regarding a specific activity within the organization. Facts can include individual transactions such as sales or payments, or aggregated data such as account balances or inventory stock levels. Typically, your transactional data or “what happened” is answered by facts.

I’ve also heard the term “module”, what’s that?

In Solver, module and fact are interchangeable terminology. See the above.

What are dimension tables?

Dimension tables store lists of objects or things like customer, natural GL account, projects, etc. Often, instead of storing all of the details of a transaction with a customer in a single table, the customer’s details are kept in a separate table. When a transaction occurs with that customer, the transactional or fact data simply just notes down for which customer that transaction occurred instead of entering all of their data again.

Can dimension tables be shared across multiple fact tables?

Yes, Solver allows dimension tables to be shared across multiple fact tables.

Does Solver integrate with Microsoft Power BI?

Solver uses an API and a Power BI connector to extend your data warehouse and bring your data to Power BI reports and dashboards seamlessly. See more here (link to the dashboard detail section of this page)

Will we have to create our own data structures?

No, Solver’s data warehouse has a pre-defined data format and if you are connecting to one of the many systems that have native integrations, this will be done for you. If not, it’s simple to just add new fields to your fact and dimension tables.

Can we connect to or get data from other data sources?

Absolutely! The Solver data warehouse can be extended to encompass data from many other sources. The best part is that all of the data in your data warehouse can be reported on as if it were from one system.

Is this a cloud or on-premise solution?

Currently both! Solver v5 is primarily geared towards being a cloud solution but does offer an on-premise installation for those who need it. We don’t recommend it unless you have a good reason though!

If I get the cloud version, will it talk with my on-premise ERP solution?
If you use Microsoft Dynamics GP or NAV then yes! Solver has a new hybrid-cloud reporting solution that allows it to interface with your on-premise GP or NAV installation.
Still have any questions?
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